Pioneering the Future of breath alcohol testing:

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) is a leading producer of alcohol interlocks and breath alcohol testers. Originally designed for law enforcement in 1976, the ACS product line has expanded to serve the industrial, law enforcement, public and personal safety markets. With numerous patents worldwide, ACS remains a pioneer by employing over 150 industry experts to produce some of the most accurate and reliable alcohol sensing equipment available in the industry.

Breath Alcohol Testers Alcohol Interlocks
Drug & Saliva Test Kit Urine Multi-Drug Test Cup
Fuel Cell Sensor Micro Cell Sensor

Breath Alcohol Testers


Disposable Mouthpieces

Mouthpiece 131
Mouthpiece 132
Mouthpiece 133
Mouthpiece 149
One way
Oval Mouthpiece
Round Mouthpiece


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