With 100 years of experience in manufacturing & supplying testing equipment, Erichsen GmbH have been recognized by our customers as competent partners in the sheet metal, plastics, lacquers and paint production industry all over the world.

Surface Coating Testing: Abrasion, Density, Flexibilty, Gloss, Chalking, Impact, Hardness, Viscosity & more.

Sheet Metal Machines: Cupping, Deep Drawing, Earing etc
Material Testing Equipment: Tensile Machines, Load Cells, Physimeter etc
Corrosion & Weathering: Salt Spray Cabinet, SolarBox-(Xenon lamp)

  • Surface Coating Testing
  • Corosion & Weathering Test Instruments
  • Material Testing Instruments

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Surface Coating Testing
Abrasion, Drying Time, Flexibility, Hardness, Leveling/Sagging, Pull Off Test, Stone Hammer Blow, Viscosity

Erichsen Cupping Tester
Pico Gloss meters - 20/60/85 Deg

Viscosity Cup Timer
Paint Inspection Gauge

Wet Film Thickness Gauges
Matchmaster Color Cabinet

Washability & Scrub Test
Deep Drawing Machines

Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Tester
Impact Tester

Cross Hatch Cutters
Hegman Gauge

Coatmaster Automatic Coater
Pencil Hardness Tester

Pendulum Hardness Tester

Corosion & Weathering Test Instruments
Salt Spray Cabinet, Cyclic Corrosion, Humidity Cabinet, UV Machines (UVA/UVB, Solar Box ( Xenon Lamp), Sample Preparation Tools, Cutters, Test Panels

Salt Spray Cabinet
Corrosion Cabinet

Humidity Cabinet
Hand Cutter acc. to Clemen

Scratch Stylusass. to SIKKENS
Corro Cutter

Solarbox (Xenon)

Material Testing Instruments

Physimeter- Multi Measuring System
Load Cells

Tensil Compression Testing Machines
Hydraulic Load Cells


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