Lab Furniture - Lab Aire System

LAB AIRE – LAB FURNITURE & FUME HOOD; Flexibility , Performance & Safety!
Lab Aire designs, manufacture & install a complete range of lab furniture for the
modern labs:

Fume Hood Laminar Flow Cabinet
Lab Furniture Safety Cabinet
Quality Epoxy resin work tops Lab taps

Laboratory Furniture System
Lamnar Flow Cabinets

Fume Hoods 4ft/5ft/6ft

Heat Sealers

Heat Sealing / Cold Sealing
Hot Tack Machine
Seal Strength Testing

Moisture measurement solutions

Moisture Meter


RAL Color Cards

Reasearh Equipment Ltd

  Cone & Plate Viscometer   Pressure Density Cup


Develops, manufactures and sells instruments for application in the field of surface inspection.

Professional coating thickness gauges measure all kinds of coating thickness, such as varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on steel/iron, and varnish, paint and anodised coatings on non-ferrous metals.

Surfix FN
Hardness Tester

Roughness Tester
Porosity Checker/Detector


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