Dispermill® The universal machine for all your laboratory and pilot plant needs. Dispermill® will perform any mixing task in the modern laboratory, whether gentle stirring or where high shearing is required

Dispermill® laboratory dissolvers are high-quality dispersion systems incorporated with the latest technology to reach the three most important processes to achieve a homogeneous mass of the best quality.  

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Laboratory High Speed Dissolvers

Yellow Line
Red Line

Green Line
EX Proof Type - Yellow Line

Double Wall Vessel, SS

Green Line: Small laboratory dissolver for 100 up to 1000 ml
Yellow line: Universal strong high-speed dissolver and mixer, 100 ml up to 8 litres
Ivory line: Multipurpose mixer with extra strong drive, 250 ml up to 12 litres
Red line: For the more heavy stuff, productsand small production up to 20 litres
Blue line: For pilot plant and small production up to 50 litres


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